Friday, April 27, 2012

TAST Week 17 Wheatear Stitch

TAST Week 17 has wheatear stitch as the chosen stitch. This is one new stitch for me and the challenge was all about learning how to get it right. The stitch as the name suggests looks like wheat when done in a series.

A google search and the links to TAST showed that you are truly restricted by only your imagination. There are a number of permutations and combinations possible with the Wheatear stitch. A decorative stitch it can be coupled with other stitches to create a dramatic effect or simply used on its own for that lovely look.

I found Sarah's hand embroidery tutorial on the stitch extremely helpful. The stitch as I have discovered after many searches and tutorials later is best done from top to bottom.The stitch has been easy to learn and fun to work with however, for a beginner practise is required to keep it even throughout.
Would also like to share here a work in soft pastels.


  1. Very nice practice pieces here! I think I may have done mine my arms came out from the bottom of the chain stitch...rather than out from the top, which I think looks right. Oh well...more practice needed on my end!!! :)